Is the UK a Safe Place to Play Online Casino Games?

Are There Safe Online Casinos in The UK?

Playing at a safe online casino is the most basic requirement for players who intend on gambling with real money online. The reason why safe online casinos are so important is that it is what guarantees a safe, fair and trustworthy gaming experience. Finding a safe online casino guarantees a fair and reliable gaming experience. Also, it guarantees the safety and security of banking details and private information. The people who do not have much experience with gambling at online casinos tend to think that there aren’t actually many safe online casinos out there. However, this is certainly not the case in today’s world. The gaming industry has come a very long way. In this day and age, online casinos need to jump through several hoops before they are legally allowed to provide online gambling services to the general public.

The big question being asked is are there any safe online casinos in the UK? In short, the answer is yes. This is thanks to the gambling act of 2005 and the prestigious regulatory body that is the UK Gambling Commission. Because of this, there are hundreds of reputable online casinos with legitimate gaming licenses in the UK. Playing at safe online casinos means that you will have access to fair terms and conditions, reliable payouts, secure payment methods and much more.

In addition to this, all of the most reliable online casinos have expert customer service representatives so that you can receive help and assistance at any time. Of course, it’s not safe to say that you should trust every online casino in the UK. This is because untrustworthy operators can still find ways to slip through the cracks. This is why we are here to teach you how to find safe online casinos in the UK.


How to Identify Safe Online Casinos

Just like all businesses, there are some who can be trusted and there are some that should be avoided. For example, there are some online casinos that do not do a sufficient job of protecting the information provided by individuals. For this reason, it’s valuable to know how to identify a safe and reliable online casino. Players want access to an excellent selection of games and high levels of customer safety. It doesn’t matter where you hear about a specific online casino. It could be in a magazine, on the television or on the internet. Either way, the same rules apply when confirming if an online casino is safe to use or not. Knowing what to look for could mean the difference between losing money to a rogue site and finding the most secure online casino there is.

Because online casinos continue to grow in popularity, the industry is becoming flooded with different options. Because of this, it’s becoming harder for players to identify the best and safest online casinos. Most people who play at online casinos, and particularly the ones who are new to the world of online gaming face some problems whenever they try to find the most reliable place to play. Even with such strict regulations in place, there are still some untrustworthy online casinos in operation. As you can imagine, these sites have no intention of paying out cash prizes to winners and it’s likely that they will sell your data to a third party company for some quick returns. Although this is becoming less and less common thanks to tough regulations, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, what actually makes a safe online casino safe? A safe online casino is an online casino where players can gamble on fair games that produce random results. To do this, they must have random number generators implemented into their site. In addition to fair games, safe online casinos process deposits and withdrawals in a secure and timely manner. Above all, all safe online casinos in the UK undergo audits from third-party auditing companies. This is to test for fair games, trustworthy banking methods and much more.

Laws and Legislation at Safe Online Casinos

An important element of the process to identify safe casinos is to check the legal status of online gaming in the country where the specific online casino is located. For example, it’s not worth signing up at an online casino that is based overseas where online gambling is a grey area. Instead, it’s far safer to sign up at an online casino that is based in the UK. This is because there are clear rules and regulations surrounding online gambling in the UK. In addition to checking the local gambling laws of the country where the online casino is based, it’s good practice to identify if the online casino has a gaming license. In the UK, all online casinos need to acquire a gaming license from the UK Gambling Commission.

This is the official gaming authority in the UK. The Gambling Commission regulates the market and has clear objectives to keep players safe. The legislation around online gambling is in place to guarantee that players are protected by law. For example, if an online casino fails to operate in a correct way, players have the chance to file a legal claim against the online casino. It’s simple to find out which gaming license an online casino has. You can usually find this information in the footer section of the homepage.

If you cannot find the information in the footer section, it’s possible that the information is available on the Privacy Policy. If not, check the About Us page or the Terms and Conditions. Safe online casinos should always make this information visible or at least simple to locate. For example, visit to see a good example of how a safe online casino displays its licensing information.

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Safety Standards

In terms of the safety at an online casino, it largely depends on the software providers who develop the games. Because online casino games are supplied by games developers and not the online casino itself, it’s important for casinos to work in partnership with reputable games developers. Luckily enough, this makes it easier for players to identify safe online casino games. The top developers in the industry include names like Microgaming, Play’n GO, NetEnt, Playtech, NYX and many more. When you’re aware of the industry-leading developers, it’s far easier to identify safe games at online casinos. Currently, there are many auditing authorities that carry out ongoing tests.

The two of the most prominent third-party companies that audit gambling operators and activities are TST Labs and eCOGRA. These companies are focused on carrying out checks on the software. This is to guarantee that all of the payouts on games are fair. In addition to testing the software, these auditing companies test the mathematics and random number generators. Safe online casinos use SSL certificates or Transport Layer Security. This is to guarantee the highest level of safety. In addition to the safety certifications, online casinos utilise HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. This is a communications protocol that provides safe interaction over a particular network. The HTTPS combines the regular HTTP with SSL/TLS technology. This is in order to keep private information safe from any possible hackers or malicious attacks.